The Loft

The second structure, just a few steps away from the main farmhouse, is the old barn, meticulously restored into a charming LOFT where there are 2 king size beds and 1 bathroom, all in a spacious open space. The LOFT accomodates 4 to 6 guests just by adding an extra king size bed.

Lofts to Love

Quaint and utterly charming, the Loft instills happiness in whoever is sleeping in it. It has a lof of warmth and character.
We choose to source locally as many of the materials and furnishings as we could.

Comfortable Space

Imbuing an instant sense of relaxation, the Loft is the ideal accomodation for families or close friends. The open layout ensures a sense of freedom and openness, allowing you to fully appreciate the unique setting.

Beautiful and Restful

Waking up in the morning in this refurbished barn loft is a delightful experience. The blend of the old and the new, the rustic and the contemporary, creates a remarkable contrast that adds to the overall charm of the space.

Unique Space

On a mission to set the most unique stay, we have created original ideas to design the bedroom of your dreams.
As you settle into your sleeping quarters, you will notice the careful attention to details in preserving the barn's original features. The manger, a reminder of the barn's history, is still visible, serving as a captivating focal point.

One-of-a-Kind Sleeping Experience

The LOFT is a stand alone building that can comfortably accomodates 4 to 6 guests.
Normally it has 2 king size beds and we can provide an extra king size bed or a single bed if needed. The air conditioning ensures a comfortable temperature, providing a pleasant retreat from the heat or cold. ( Please note that the Loft is included in the rental for 9 adult guests and above. Otherwise extra charges will be applied ).

Not a Standard Hotel Room

For those who refuse to settle for a stock standard hotel room, the LOFT, with its open lay-out design is the perferct accomodation that will make any gataway experience worthwhile.

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