The Outdoor

In this idyllic outdoor oasis, the combination of the breathtaking swimming pool facing the old castle, the inviting BBQ area and the wood-fired pizza oven ensures that every moment spent at Olives & Barrels is a feast for senses and a celebration of the region’s rich cultural heritage.

Comfortable Hidden Nooks

Surrounded by a meticulously landscaped garden, the outdoor offers hidden nooks and cosy seating areas throughout. The chirping of birds during the day adds a soothing ambiance to the garden providing a serene retreat from the outside.

Chef service

The in-house chef service provides an exceptional opportunity to explore the region's culinary heritage while enjoying the exclusivity and privacy of your accomodation.

Infinite View

As you step outside into the outdoors, your eyes are immediately drawn to the breathtaking swimming pool. The swimming pool, surrounded by sun loungers is beautifully positioned and offers a refreshing oasis amidst the warm summer days.

Soothing Ambiance

The numerous seating spots spread all around the outdoor area ensure a harmonious blend of comfort and natural aesthetics. The golden hue of the hay bales adds warmth to the setting and let you savor the simple pleasures that the rural landscape has to offer.

Sit Back

The castle's weathered stone walls tell stories of the region's rich history, adding a touch of grandeur to the already picturesque view.

In Love with the Pampas Grass

The outside area is adorned with vibrant flowers, fragrant herbs and lush greenery. Whenever the pampas grass is moved by the breeze it creates a peaceful and enchanting atmosphere.

Such a Captivating Setting

Hay bales are not commonly found in urban enviroments. They create an appealing backdrop, indeed they often become your favourite spot for photoshoots...and we know it! Reason why we always keep some for you, all year long.

Glistering under the sun

Positioned in perfect harmony with the landscape, the swimming pool faces the ancient Castle of the so called " Ghost Village " that stands majestically in the distance. The sight of the castle from the pool creates a sense of timelessness and offers a truly awe-insipring backdrop.

The Gentle Rustling of Leaves Overhead

Underneath the sheltering embrace of the PERGOLA, another table awaits. The filtered sunlight casts enchanting patterns of light and shadow, adding a touch of magic to your leisurely brunch or breakfast.


Close to the pool you will find a BBQ grill, perfect for hosting momerable gatherings with family and friends. As the sun begins to set and the sky transforms into hues of orange and pink, the tantalizing aroma of grilled delicacies fills the air, mingling with the fragrant scents of the surrounding gardens.

Time to Free your Mind

Adjacent to the pool, many cosy seating areas beckons you to relax and undwind.
It is time to get free from modern distractions and start long conversations.

A Sweet and Tantalizing Aroma Wafts throughout the Air: Cherries!

Did you know that Celleno is the most famous village in Italy for its abundant production of juicy cherries? As you enjoy these luscious cherries, their taste brings a burst of summer, invoking memories of warm sunshine and picnics in the countryside.

Take a Dip

Glistering under the sun, the pool with its crystal clear waters invites you to take a dip and soak in the scenic beauty that surrounds you.

Traditional Wood-Fire Pizza Oven

The culinary delights don't end with the BBQ alone. A traditional wood-fire pizza oven takes centre stage in another corner of the garden. The crackling fire, the delicious aroma of freshly baked dough and the joyful laughter of loved ones create an unforgettable dining experience.

Like Red Tiny Jewels Nestled Together

The area is well known for its abundance of farmers markets. Summer fresh fruits invite you to indulge in their natural goodness and savor the simple pleasures of natures bounty.

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